Kuwait Cancer Center’s new hospital building

Kuwait Cancer Center’s new hospital building

Alghanim International on behalf of the Ministry of Health has commissioned NBBJ, and Gulf Consult, to undertake the design of the Kuwait Cancer Center’s new hospital building. This project will be located adjacent to the existing KCC facility within the Shuwaikh Medical District, between Jamal Abdul Nasser Street and Al-Jahra Road.

The new 618 bed facility will be built to the latest modern health care specifications in order to maximize patient recovery and medical staff performance. The 15 story building includes all the relevant departments essential to a state-on-the-art cancer treatment facility including radiology, surgery, laboratories, pharmacy, physiotherapy and psychology.

The building also incorporates inpatient and outpatient facilities. The outpatient functions are zoned in the west building – closest to the building entry and parking garage for easy access. Horizontal connections allow direct access to imaging and interventional functions in the east building. Inpatient beds are located in the east side of the building.

The design considers environmental aspects, and aims to achieve the silver rating requirements of the US Green Building Council’s LEED rating system. The sustainability of the interior design relies on natural light, views, and selection of materials. The South façade, which has the most continuous sun exposure; has deeper shading to protect its glazed areas. Exterior shades are being designed to maintain generous views to the outside.

“Green roofs” are also introduced to provide improved views to patients and staff. The atrium roof has likewise been adjusted with “green roof” areas to allow for a better connection to nature for patients on upper floors. The open space available on site and the courtyards adjacent to the atrium space will provide an exterior shaded area off of the main interior spaces in the hospital. In addition shaded areas are being provided for patients and staff to rest while they are waiting to be picked up. All these features will create a facility which will promote healing through technology and nature, with limited adverse effect to the environment.