New Messilah Beach

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Touristic Enterprises Company(TEC)


Gulf Consult:
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6 Restaurant blocks
Swimming Pool and Wet Recreation areas
Jogging Track
Hard and Soft Landscaping
450 Car Parking spaces





The Touristic Enterprises Company (TEC) has initiated a plan to upgrade and renovate its existing facilities to create exciting recreational and entertainment experiences for the citizens and residents of Kuwait. The original Messilah Beach Club, which was first opened in the late 1980’s, is one of TEC’s properties that has been selected to undergo a comprehensive overhaul to its components and amenities. 

Gulf Consult has been awarded the re-design of the New Messilah Beach, with the aim to develop a club that incorporates a set of components that are accessible all year round by paying patrons. The design architecturally articulated these components to form pavilions that weave through the site, inspired by Sadu patterns.  The patterns were repeated in the sunshade  canopies, walls and outdoor floors.

The exterior and interior materials were carefully selected to allow accent spaces to pop out and define the character of the project. By using a balance of patterns, sizes, and colors, each space enhances the functionality of the building while ensuring that New Messilah Beach remains both modern and timeless.

Retail spaces at the beach club have been designed to enhance direct visibility and maximize storefronts overlooking the main entrance promenade.  Changing rooms, located at both ends of the club, have multiple entry points that separate dry areas from wet areas. The Restaurant Pavilion was orientated with clear views to the waterfront, while the Events Hall has been located to be accessed directly from the promenade.

The outdoor area of the New Messilah Beach consists of a variety of elements and activities that cater to different age groups and preferences. There are four pools for leisure/recreation, kids, aqua play, and wave/surf simulation, with shading structures to protect against direct sunlight. A small water slide park has been integrated within the family pool for children of a younger age group. A large Adventure Trail, measuring approximately 18 meters high and 27 by 27 meters wide, will be the largest of its kind in Kuwait. Those who are interested in sports and physical activities can use the fitness stations, in addition to the tennis, basketball, beach volleyball, football, and table tennis courts and facilities; while children will enjoy the different playground equipment spread around the property.

Other facilities include a rentable private pavilion; complete with a nautical-themed living room, kitchenette, and private restroom, a sports rental equipment store, a retail store, changing rooms and toilets, a first aid room and praying areas. Provisions have also been made to accommodate small food trucks in designated locations. Shaded surface parking has been provided for approximately 500 cars.

The club has been designed to follow the latest Ministry of Electricity and Water codes for energy conservation. Grey water from buildings will be collected, treated and filtered, and then used to supplement landscape irrigation demand.

Several safety features were added to ensure the visitors’ well-being; such as:

  • Pool designs followed the International Swimming Pool and Spa Code (ISPSC) and sufficient Life Guard and attendants points has been placed in critical areas.

  • Pools and play areas have been segregated by age groups and appropriate equipment have been provided accordingly.

  • Surfaces have been selected based on function and safety. Most materials are durable, slip resistant and have low SRI ratings, particularly at pool facilities and water play areas.

  • Lockers for visitors have been provided to safely store valuable belongings.

  • A First Aid facility will respond to minor injuries that are common on beach clubs.

  • Fire Systems have been designed, in accordance with KFD standards.

  • CCTV, Security, and Access Control System have been integrated throughout the property.