The Al-Seera And Al-Hadeeth Al-Shareef Centre

Complete Design Service

Kuwait Awqaf Public Foundation


Complete Design Service




35,000 m2 including visitor halls, mosque and support activities with 300 car spaces in basement and surface parking


Design Completed 2008


Wael Samhouri Architects
Terry Heard Designers
Moriyama and Teshima Architects

The Kuwait Awqaf Public Foundation in late 2007 invited a small number of consultants, including Gulf Consult, to participate in a design competition for this prestigious project.

Gulf Consult invited the renowned Syrian Architect, Wael Samhouri, to be our Lead Architect and Dr. Suhail Zakkar to be our Islamic Historian.

Our entry was awarded First prize.

The Al Seera Centre will be a custom designed architectural and museum facility which will accommodate materials, events, sayings, displays and information that relate to the ‘Prophecy’, and present these to the visitor in a dynamic, interesting manner.

The Centre contains various halls for exhibitions, administration facilities, library, research areas, lecture halls, parking and ancillary supporting accommodation that is necessary for the proper functioning of a state-of-the-art Museum.