Kuwait Public Transport Master plan

Study and Design Concepts



Kuwait Municipality


Study and Design Concepts


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Development of the Local Plan for Kuwait City for a forecast population of 57,000 and forecast office employment of 440,000 by the year 2030


Completed, 2012



Kuwait Municipality commissioned Gulf Consult in joint venture with Atkins and Parsons Brinckerhoff to carry out a study for the development of a Multi-Modal Transport Strategy and a Public Transport Masterplan.

The Multi-Modal Public Transport Strategy for Kuwait is underpinned by an integrated public transport network to ensure that complementary technologies serve the functions they are best suited for and provide the community with an efficient and sustainable public transport system.

The Multi-Modal Transport Strategy consists of:

  • Bus Rapid Transit between New Towns and the Kuwait Urban Area
  • Metro high speed rail, high capacity network within the Kuwait Urban Area
  • Express Bus along transport corridors
  • Tram arterial linkage and distributor within residential areas
  • Bus Feeders distribute within all areas
  • City Distributor within Kuwait City
  • Interchange, seamless transition when interchanging
  • Accessibility, safe access to and from public transport

Additionally, several complementary measures are recommended as essential elements of the Multi-Modal Transport Strategy, including the establishment of a new Public Transport Authority and Urban Transport Policy.