Sulaibikhat Park

Master Plan + Zoning Plan

Sulaibikhat, Kuwait


Kuwait Municipality


Master Plan + Zoning Plan


Fees only


Site Size
1,500,000 m2
1,632 cars


Completed, 2009



Gulf Consult was commissioned by the Governor of Sulaibikhat to undertake an initial study and prepare a Master Plan of the Sulaibikhat coastal area for a wildlife sanctuary and community park.

The sanctuary would serve to protect and preserve existing wildlife such as the restricted mud skipper and the ground nesting Kentish Plover. It would also provide protected areas with fresh water and improved habitat for local and migratory birds. A separate enclosure would house the endangered species of Arabian Oryx and Gazelle. The sanctuary would have an interpretive center and raised walkways and platforms for observing the wildlife. The sanctuary would serve as a wildlife ecological research and education center.

The community park has 3 primary components; a cultural center, archeological sites and a large park. The cultural center will contain a heritage village, wedding hall, restaurants and plazas for dances and other traditional activities.

The park is located nearest the existing residential neighborhood to provide active and passive recreation opportunities to the local residences. Active recreation facilities include soccer fields, basketball courts and an exercise course. Passive activities include family picnics, children’s play and attending functions at the cultural center.

Parking for 1,632 cars is positioned around the park adjacent to access roads. The parking areas are linked to other facilities by walkways and a shuttle train system.