Integrated Laboratories Project

Architectural and Engineering Design

Ministry of Minerals, Sudan


Architectural and Engineering Design


KD. 13.9 million


Site Area
Built-up Area
Pilot Laboratories
100,000 m2
12,000 m2
30,000 m2




THIEMT Turnkey Laboratories of Germany

Gulf Consult of Kuwait, working in joint venture with THIEMT Turnkey Laboratories of Germany, and Ghrabib for Engineering and Investment Co. (GEO) of Sudan, have been commissioned by the Ministry of Minerals of the Republic of Sudan to undertake design and construction supervision services for their new Integrated Laboratories Project.

The new mineral testing and research facility is to be developed for the Ministry’s Integrated Laboratories Implementation Unit (ILIU). The laboratories complex will be developed on a 100,000 m. site located in Gari Industrial Area, about 75 km north-east of Khartoum City.

The new laboratory complex will provide facilities necessary for analysis and research in a variety of mineral resources from various regions of Sudan. It will help in establishing a strong database of available resources and facilitate future decision making with regard to investments in the mining sector, and consequently in the improvement of economic and social development of the country.

The complex will also provide mineral analysis services on a commercial basis.