Wafra Living

Engineering Design / Construction Supervision

Wafra Real Estate


Engineering Design




Site Area
Building Area
Basement Area
6,465 m2
54,200 m2
13,450 m2 3 floors
20 floors
110 (2Br, 3Br)
250 cars
Retail areas
Gymnasium, Sports facilities /court
Swimming pools (2nos)
Terraced green areas / courtyards


Under Construction


AGI Architects

‘Wafra Living’ is a high rise residential complex located on a prominent site in the Jabriya neighbourhood of Kuwait. The complex, consists of a high rise building, set back from the street, and an L-shaped building defining the street edge. AGI Architects were responsible for architectural design while Gulf Consult performed engineering and infrastructure design services.

The complex merges into the neighbourhood by offering part of the ground floor level to community life, through retail facilities. At level +6.00 m, a community space conceived as a ‘High Square’, offers tenants the opportunity to enjoy sports and leisure activities in a more private environment. A ‘veil’ has been created on the façade as an occupiable layer, that conceals the various service spaces within the apartments. It is also a unifying element throughout the project defines the whole compound, as it starts at the 6th floor and grows, like an ivy, vertically and horizontally, complementing the rest of the façade.

The apartment units are designed to cater to both eastern and western living, with a range of sizes and rental values. Primarily, this development sets an example of how to uniquely address urban issues, and allows us to influence other areas in the city by becoming a catalyst and a reference for the future.

AGI Architects won the Future Project – Residential Award in the World Architectural Festival in 2011 for ‘Wafra Living’.