KUFPEC Headquarters

Architectural / Engineering Concept

Kuwait Foreign Petroleum Exploration Company (KUFPEC)


Architectural / Engineering Concept


KD 2.6 million


Gross Area
10,600 m2
195 cars


1st Prize Winner


Langdon Wilson International

Gulf Consult, in association with Langdon Wilson International, won the first prize of KD. 10,000 in this competition organised by KUFPEC for the design of its new headquarters building.

The design objective was to create a state-of-the-art high tech building that not only expressed the dynamic nature of the company but also set the standard for future surrounding development.

The award winning scheme has two office floor pods with connecting bridges shaping a loop corridor. This vivid partitioning creates four distinct corner office spaces on each floor. However, as dynamic as the building appears, the geometric logic is clear and simple. The building provides a shared atrium space that will improve the interaction between the staff within the various departments.

In addition, the  building is placed diagonally along the site to maximize the 10-storey high linear atrium. The angled atrium is an inviting response to the street traffic and provides an iconic perspective view of the building.

The Gulf Consult/LWI design team selected materials that are both durable and strong. Glazed aluminium panels provide a smooth backdrop to the stone and water landscaping combining for a rich environmental setting.