Kuwait University, College of Engineering and Petroleum

Detailed Architectural and all Engineering Design and Construction Supervision


Kuwait University


Detailed Architectural and all Engineering Design and Construction Supervision


KD 155.0 million


Site Area
Building Area
Basement Area
73.500 m2
290.000 m2
94,000 m2
9,850 students and staff
7 floors
1,200 cars


Completed 2020


Cambridge Seven Associates, U.S.A

Gulf Consult in joint venture with Cambridge Seven Associates, Inc. of Boston have been commissioned by the Kuwait University Construction Program to undertake the Study, Design and Construction Supervision of the College of Engineering and Petroleum at the new Sabah Al-Salem University City Campus.

The college has been designed to house the following departments:.

  • Architecture
  • Chemical Engineering
  • Civil Engineering
  • Computer Engineering
  • Electrical Engineering
  • Industrial Engineering and Management Systems
  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Petroleum Engineering
  • New/Future Academic Departments

The Architectural Concept and Preliminary Design has been carried out by Cambridge Seven Associates, while Gulf Consult has responsibility for all detailed Architectural and Engineering Design, Cost Control and Tender Documentation.

Specialist laboratory advice provided by Earl Walls Associates.

The newly completed College of Engineering and Petroleum (COEP) at Sabah Al-Salem University City is designed to consolidate the College’s engineering and allied technical disciplines into one integrated complex, while cultivating a welcoming and engaging learning environment.

With a built-up area of over 300,000m2, and a designated site of 73,500m2, COEP is the largest of the colleges within the new 40,000 student Sabah Al-Salem University City. Designed to accommodate six Colleges of Engineering (Civil, Chemical, Electrical, Mechanical, Industrial, and Petroleum), COEP will serve over 4700 students. Its facilities include, amongst others, offices for 500 faculty and administrators, 155 classrooms and 533 general and special laboratories.

COEP also houses two 500 seat sophisticated auditoria, two 120-seat lecture halls, food services for the campus community, offices for student organizations, and underground parking for faculty members.

Through innovative design, the College of Engineering and Petroleum addressed its greatest challenge of its large size and a relatively small site, by creating a unique form that reimagines a linear layout and folds it back on itself several times. This zig-zag configuration of parallel connected masses and corridors creates a series of shaded courtyards. Which are equipped for experiments, research, and other outdoor activities.  As the building wraps back on itself, its masses change in height. Each volume thus stands out, and the textural treatment of its elevations is enhanced by shadows and lighting.

COEP is notable for its striking exterior that is clad by a distinguishable terracotta rain screen. Terracotta was selected for durability, sustainability, moisture control and acoustic properties, and its aesthetic quality helps accentuate the overall architectural articulation of the College

The College of Engineering and Petroleum (COEP), designed by Cambridge Seven in association with Gulf Consult, has received the Award of Excellence 2021 from American Concrete Institute’s Kuwait Chapter. The award citation recognized the College as a ‘sustainably designed higher education facility that seamlessly combines functional and elegant architecture with contemporary engineering and smart systems’. The award is a testament to Gulf Consult’s commitment to designing and creating complex projects that celebrate functionality, innovation, sustainability and quality.