Kuwait National Guard Club Marina

Redesign and Construction Supervision

Kuwait National Guard Authority


Redesign and Construction Supervision


KD 20.0 million


Floor Space
Other Facilities
20,000 m2
125 different boats sizes
Support Facilities
Repair Workshop
Guard House
Office Building





Gulf Consult has been appointed by the Kuwait National Guard to review the design and supervise the construction of a new marina at the KNG club in Funaitis. The new marina, that will accommodate the officer’s boats and yachts, will house around 125 yachts of different sizes. The marina will connect to the shore by means of a bridge or a causeway to allow for the access of boats and pedestrians.

The project includes total renovation of the existing ‘Guest House’ building, and the construction of a new V.I.P building linked to it.

The marina basin will be created by constructing breakwater on all sides while allowing for an entrance from the North. There are seven main berthing piers joined by gangways at the peripheral and connected to the floating pontoons forming the berths.

The marina is equipped with its own fueling dispenser. Moreover, there is a slipway for the boats and cranes of various sizes for easy handling of yachts for maintenance purposes. At the both sides of the marina entrance there is a lighthouse and guard tower from one side, and a helipad from the other side. The lighthouse, guard tower and helipad will all be built on top of the breakwaters.

On shore, KNG have also requested GC to design three separate buildings. The first building will be used as a workshop for the repair of the officer’s yachts; The second one will be an administrative building for the staff; and the third to be used as a guard house.