Transfer of TSE Line to Um Al Remam & Northern Military Camp

Construction Supervision, Completion & Maintenance

Umm Al Remam, Kuwait


Ministry of Public Works (MPW), Sanitary Engineering


Construction Supervision, Completion & Maintenance


KD 17.0 million


Facilitate transfer of TSE from a new pumping station in DMC at Sulaibiya, to Abdally Farms Reservoir R1 to feed Um Al Remam artificial lake


Completed 2012


Montgomery Watson Harza (MWH)

Gulf Consult in association with Montgomery Watson Harza (MWH) were appointed by the Ministry of Public Works, Sanitary Engineering sector to undertake the construction supervision, completion and maintenance of the Transfer of TSE lines to the Artificial lake in Um Al-Remam and Northern Military Camps.

The works included six branch lines of various diameter to feed Um Al-Remam artificial lake and four different Military Bases. In addition, there are three other pipe lines, one from inlet chamber near DMC to Horticulture Palm Farm in Amghara, second from DMC Tertiary Valve Chamber to the SS farm and third from T-300 chamber in Kabad to Ahmed Al Jabber Air Base.

The new Kuwait University Campus at Sabah Al Salem will have a TSE connection from the existing 1200 mm pipe.

In addition, the following works were also completed:

  • Magnetic flow meters and telemetry connections at nine locations
  • Fiber optic cabling for all new TSE lines
  • Power, Instrumentation and control systems to be provided to Flow-meter chamber 8925
  • Interconnection between 1200 mm Riqqa Effluent line and 1200 mm Ardiya DMC line