New Ahmadi Dual Link Road and New South Ahmadi Bypass Road

Full Engineering Design (including Utilities and Landscaping)

Ahmadi, Kuwait


Kuwait Oil Company (KOC)


Full Engineering Design (including Utilities and Landscaping)


KD 2.5 million


Ahmadi Link Road: 6 km of dual 3 lane highway including 3 roundabouts.
Southern Bypass: 1 km of one way 2 lane highway within Ahmadi Town.


Completed 2008



Following acceptance of the New Ahmadi Town Master Plan, KOC commissioned Gulf Consult to design these two separate road projects in one contract. While the Southern Link was required by KOC to improve localised traffic movements associated with the new KOC Headquarters (also designed by Gulf Consult), the Dual Link Road represents the first element of the new Master Plan proposals.

The Dual Link Road consists of a 6 km long, 3 lane dual road that would link from the existing junction at Road 211 and Highway 40, to Ahmadi Town.

This route will provide new and improved access to the offices of KOC and to the oil fields to the West, particularly for employees and visitors travelling from Kuwait City and the North.

The new highway runs very close to the existing North Tank Farm and requires extensive crossings of major oil pipe lines, all involving issues of security and specialist physical protection.