Treated Sewage Effluent Network

Study & Full Engineering Design

Area B3, C2, Covering Various Areas of Kuwait


Ministry of Public Works


Study & Full Engineering Design


KD 15 million


60 km. long Treated Sewage Effluent Network.
28 Underground Reservoirs & Transfer Pump Station.


2004 (design)



Gulf Consult designed 60 km of Treated Sewage Effluent Network of Project Areas B3, C1, and C2, forming Phase II of the Ministry of Public Work’s ongoing Master Plan implementation. The Treated Sewage Effluent Network from Riqqa Waste Water Plant to Ardiya Waste Water Plant was designed to use gravity as a means to move the effluent.

Hydraulic modeling was undertaken for existing and new lines. Zoning and water management analysis was carried out in line with the Kuwait Master Plan, and for project areas A, B1, B2, B3, C1 and C2. recommendations were made for modifications to the existing TSE network.

Design Telemetry and SCADA system with all necessary RTU’s, FCU’s and all other related controls were also undertaken. There are 28 underground reservoirs with mechanical pump rooms and 1 transfer pump station.

Additionally Gulf Consult designed the Central Control Room for TSE Network areas C1 and C2.