Transfer of Treated Sewage Effluent from DMC, Sulaibiya to Wafra

Full Architectural and Engineering Design and Construction Supervision

Sulaibiya, Kuwait


Ministry of Public Works, Sanitary Engineering


Full Architectural and Engineering Design and Construction Supervision


KD 75.0 million


not available


Completed 2000 and Supervision Ongoing



The Wafra farming area is currently provided with irrigation water partly from existing local wells and partly with fresh water through MEW facilities, originating from the desalination plant serving Al-Zour. The total demand for irrigation water at Wafra Farms far exceeds the available supply, so the provision of surplus TSE which might otherwise be discharged to the sea and its transfer to Wafra, will certainly reduce demand on the present resources.

The purpose of the project will be to:

  • Provide additional irrigation water supplies for Wafra Farms Area, using TSE to supplement or to reduce the demand for existing fresh water and underground sources.
  • Establish the available quantities of TSE at Sulaibiya WWTP and in Riqqa Treatment Plant and transfer it to the Wafra Farms area in a suitable manner.

The Consultants will study :

  • The medium to long term irrigation requirements and the quantities of TSE available to achieve the objectives of this project
  • The best ways and/or alternatives to transfer the available TSE to Wafra Farms area for distribution

The solutions, reports and recommendations required to achieve the project objectives will be developed and agreed with the specific involvement of the client through the project duration.