Beautification And Greenery Within Area D

Study, Design and Tender Documents

Ministry of Public Works, Sanitary Engineering


Study, Design and Tender Documents


Fees only


Improvement of TSE Network for Area D, including Telemetry and SCADA System improvements


Completed 2011


Wilbur Smith Associates (WSA)

Wilbur Smith Associates (WSA) in association with Gulf Consult were commissioned by the Ministry of Public Works (MPW) Sanitary Engineering Sector to undertake the project: Beautification and Greenery within Area D and their Associated Transmission Lines.

Area D includes a large area west of Kuwait City, and is bordered by Ghazali Expressway to the east, Jahra to the west, Kuwait Bay to the north and the 7th Ring Road to the south. Area D is composed of the following development areas which will be supplied with treated sewage effluent: Farms, Military Camps, Roads, Garden, Government, Private, Aforestation, Natural Reserves and Green Belt.

The Project was divided into two stages:

Stage 1a: Study, Design and Preparation of Tender Documents for the TSE distribution system within Area D, including telemetry and SCADA system improvements and integration.

Stage 1b: Master Plan for TSE Utilisation in Area D:

  • TSE supply sources and estimated quantities in Area D
  • TSE Demand to the year 2040
  • DMC Improvement study
  • Evaluation of the exisiting and future proposed TSE distribution systems and associated telemetry and SCADA to integrate the developments within Area D

Stage 2: Construction Supervision for D1, D2 and D3