Center for Research and Studies on Kuwait

Architectural/Engineering Design and Construction Supervision

Architectural/Engineering Design and Construction Supervision


Ministry o Public Works for CRSK


KD. 4.0 million


Site Area
Gross Area
150 employees
17,700 m2
12 floors
1,750 m2


Completed 2015


Arab Engineers

The Center was developed on a 1,750 m2 site located in the Sharq area of Kuwait City. The Center will ultimately accommodate a staff of 154, including for the foreseeable future.

The architectural massing and character reflect Kuwait’s pride and aspirations with the Kuwaiti flag engraved in the specially created “picture” wall. The distinct mural will be visible from far and at night the flag will be depicted by fibre optic lighting.

In addition to staff offices and related  support provisions, other special functional areas have been accommodated. These include the Chairman’s Suite and Executive Offices, VIP and Pre-function Lounges, Diwaniya, 300 seat full facility Auditorium, Library, Exhibition Hall and various secure Document Stage Facilities and Workshops.

The total gross area is about 18,000 m2, including two basements and one unoccupied shell floor provided as future expansion space.

Arab Engineers working in association with Gulf Consult, in the design and Construction Supervision.