Eastern Car Park

Architectural/Engineering Design and Construction Supervision

Ministry of Finance


Design Review and Construction Supervision


KD. 50.0 million


Built up area
Car parking
132,630 m2
4,000 m2


Completed in 2021



The New Eastern Car Park building project is located at the eastern yard of the ministries complex in Mirqab. It consists of three basements, a ground floor and five floors in addition to a roof. It accommodates 4,000 cars and has a total built-up area of 132,630 m2.

The New Eastern Car Park is designed to be a smart building, safe, reliable and easy to maintain with state-of-the-art technology.

The building is provided with special feature Systems including energy conservation Solar Power System, Security and Access Control Systems, as well as, Parking Management and Control systems.

In addition, the project is provided with an intelligent data communications network, to integrate and facilitate the car
park operation. At its present completion date, it is the largest car park in Kuwait