New Ahmadi Township Master Plan

Strategic Economic and Planning Studies

Ahmadi, Kuwait


Kuwait Oil Company


Strategic Economic and Planning Studies


Fees only


Study and recommendations concerning all property and infrastructure of the town of Ahmadi


Completed, 2006



Following a 10-week Strategic Master Plan Study on the future of Ahmadi Township, Gulf Consult, Atkins, and Ernest & Young were commissioned to prepare comprehensive documentation for the upgrading of Ahmadi through a BOT type contract.

This process involved the preparation of Invitation to Negotiate (ITN) documents for the various tenderers and a Public Sector comparator (PSC) to be used by KOC to set a minimum acceptable design standard by which to gauge the various submittals. These were prepared for each component of the Master Plan, which included residential, social and commercial buildings, recreational facilities (including a new golf course) and landscape and infrastructure networks.

The resulting ITN documents consisted of prequalification questionnaires, output specifications, financial model, operational policies and facilities management requirements and conditions of the competition. The PSC documentation included a set of architectural, structural, mechanical, electrical, sanitary, road, storm water and landscape conceptual designs for the different components.

Gulf Consult were responsible for all master planning and for all residential and recreational buildings and for infrastructure and landscaping design work.